Hart's Content Cottages

Hart's Content Kitchen InteriorHart's Content Bathroom Interior

The Hart's Content Cottages have 9 units (labeled 1–9.) At just a block north of downtown Silver Lake, this independent and comfortable property offers the perfect balance of convenient access to the business district and an ideal amount of privacy. The majority of cottages have exceptional views of Silver Lake and the Sand Dunes and come furnished with personal grills, firepits, a picnic area, and tables.

Many of Hart's Content cottages also have private parking and centrally-located play equipment that is open for all guests to use. What makes the Hart's Content Cottage property even more special is the private beach area with a relaxing lakefront fire pit. The Silver Sands Motel & Suites facilities and swimming pool are open to guests of Hart's Content Cottages. 

Each cottage has a TV, furnished kitchen, linens, and bedrooms, from studio to three-bedroom, able to accommodate any size family. Some cottages can accommodate A/C units for an additional fee; please make sure to ask during reservation to make sure your unit can have A/C set up. Private A/C units are prohibited.


Silver Lake Cottage Picnic Area